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Mongolian Barbecue, 1125 Budapest Márvány st. 19/a
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Wine and Dine

Dear Guests!

Besides our outstanding meat specialities, we offer grilled and steamed vegetables, cold appetizers, tofu, cold duck liver, chese plates, fruit salads, fresh fruits, olives, goose cracklings, Hungarian classics tasters, fresh and mixed salads, daubs, dressings, sauces and side dishes... at your disposal. 

Choose and taste freely in any combination, as many times as willed.

Among our below listed dishes, varying 16 is served daily, waiting to be fried in our display kitchen.

Classics: Fish: 
- Horse a'la Ghinges Khan  - Catfish with lemon and olive
- Koumiss marinated turkey breast  - See fish  with lemon and dill
- Nepalese goat   - Hal nyárs
- Tarragon lamb
- Veal burger with roquefort  Chicken:
- Shark steak - Piquant chicken wings
- Moufflon with herbs - BBQ chicken wings
- Ginger -honey marinated chicken
Turkey: - Vegetable chicken skewers
- Turkey roll with mozzarella - Honey- mustard chicken leg
- Vegetable turkey  - Garlic chicken leg
- Turkey breast with yogurt and dill - Chicken Provance

- Honey-lemon turkey breast with prunes

- Spicy chicken breast
Pork: Beef:
- Beer marinated pig chops - Piquant beef burger
- BBQ pork - Pepper sirloin
- Herbs pork chops - Beef Argentine
- Indian pork with chili - Red wine marinated sirloin
- Mexican pork bites - Marinated beef
- Greek pork cutlet - Mustard sirloin
- Mustard pork chops - Beef burger with bacon
- Smoked pork medallion - Baked sirloin

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