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Mongolian Barbecue, 1125 Budapest Márvány st. 19/a
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+36 1 212 3743

This week offers from our gourmet dishes ...

Cold appetizers: Warm appetizers: 
- Goose liver terrine with onion jam - Grilled goat cheese assorted seeds
- Aubergine with toast - Pancakes  " Hortobágyi" style
- Beef  „Tatar” - Fish roll with rosemary and jasmine rice
Soups: Desserts:
- Goulash soup - Mongolian surprise
- Vegetable cream soup - Sponge cake "Somlói" style
- Cold fruit soup - Fruit cake
- Clear meat soup - Ice cream cup Macedonia

Daily we offer 16 different main courses as the base of choice.
Among the 16, there are two types of fish, chicken, turkey, pork and beef.
Take a look at the list of our regular courses ->

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