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Mongolian Barbecue, 1125 Budapest Márvány st. 19/a
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+36 1 212 3743

About the Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant

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Dear Guests,


You are now holding in Your hand our menu which is also an information card concerning the working system of our restaurant.

For a unit price of 3890- Ft. at noon , 4990- Ft in the evening on week days and public holidays 5490- Ft on week ends You can eat and drink as much as You wish.

For children under the age of 10 all this is for half price.


Our offert is the following:


Five kinds of soups which are offered  and brought to Your table by our housemaids.


On the cooling plate of our buffet You can find a wide range of spiced raw

meats from which You can choose according to Your wishes. The chosen meat will be prepared by our cookes according to Your tastes.

You can also choose from the different salads and sauces placed on the cooling and warming plates. In choosing them You will be helped by the plates placed above them.


Our housemaids will also inform You concerning the dessert and they will bring it to Your table.


Besides the natural and acidated soft-drinks we offer You TUBORG beer and You can choose white , red or rose from the dry and half- sweet wines of Zwack.


We also offer You Varensina coffee with a pleasant aroma as well as capuccino.

In case You do not wish to choose Your dinner for Yourself our cookes and housemaids will be at Your service. We prepare You anything according to Your wishes and we bring it to Your table.


We wish You a pleasant time and good appetite!



Budapest,1126 Márvány u. 19/a

Tel.:+361-212-37-43, +361-212-1859